For the love of #%*#!

For the love of all things holy or heathen....  People, in all their wit and wisdom, sometimes need a hand, are misunderstood, forgotten or lost.  For anyone who isn't and never has been, Bless Your Heart.  For the rest that have had a moment, Bless Your Heart.  And I mean it, from the bottom of mine.

So, to be the counter-weight to the humor of this website and it's ridiculous content--I give you, the "For the love of #%*#!" program.  Intended to return your funds to the community in areas that are dear to me--but I believe to be widely and unanimously supported.

There are many out there that are separated from their loved ones--the four legged variety, or winged variety, or maybe even wet variety--that need help getting better, getting home or getting care.  And ultimately, staying with their family.  So, I will be donating a portion of all proceeds to a local, Kennesaw, Georgia based animal assistance program called Luckie Street Project.  They have been a huge assistance for me with my buddies in the past and I hope they can help others in the future.  If you are able to support, please do by volunteering or donating as you can to Luckie Street Project or Lifeline Animal Project.

In honor and memory of the best friend I've ever had, Mr. Brick House.