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about the project

Where did the Candle Tailor originate?
Well, it started out of love and continues with la lot of laughter--or else we might cry.

​Despite the Candle Tailor's seemingly crass and angry content, there's a lot of passion that gives the Tailor its "je ne sais quoi".

What's with the name? Well, contrary to popular belief, the name Bearden actually means "Bearded".  It's an olde English word associated with not only having a beard but a tale; not a tail, mind you.  It was also closely tied to those bards who traveled great distances with wares, goods, and stories from far away.  Their travels often affecting their grooming to the stance that they were unable or it was unnecessary to shave---hence big beautiful beards and my big beautiful name.

As we've enjoyed creating our own jars of thoughtful sniffs and whiffs--I had the idea that you might enjoy the same experience.  This created a great opportunity to get people to think outside the hatbox and do something new and different.  I've even had amazing results from my blind "taste-test".  This is a little experience we can have together in my "shop" that involves no vision, all nose to identify which scents you absolutely love--and the opposite--to know which way to steer your custom creation.
So, while our wares don't come from far and wide, they come with tales.  Some are obvious, some may not be.  I'm always here to answer your questions, should they arise.


Chandler Bearden